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"Blue Mountain Building and Remodeling can build anything you want without breaking the budget. "

Do a full interior renovation or renovate a portion of your home. At Blue Mountain Building and Remodeling, you can decide how large you want your project to be. You can update your appliances or install new carpeting, flooring, and more. After you finish a renovation or addition with us, your home will be beautiful inside and out.

Knowledgeable Repairs

We're not only your go-to contractor for renovations and additions -- ask us about repairs as well. You can trust our master plumbers and electricians to get to the bottom of your issue.

Expert Plumbing Work

You can get your entire renovation finished by one contractor. Blue Mountain Building and Remodeling considers every single detail, including the plumbing hookups and wiring you'll need to function in your everyday life. We even have master plumbers on staff! From showers to complete plumbing systems, you'll be all set.

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Full-Scale Interior Renovations